The Best Food on Hollywood Blvd: Dubai Sauce

15 February 2019

Dubai Sauce Review from Hungry & Fit

Earlier this week, we were pleased to hear Hollywood blogger, Hungry & Fit stopped by Dubai Sauce to update their previous review.

Below is an excerpt from their new review but you check our the full write-up on here on their site:

"...I decided to bring Fit last Friday and see if they’ve made any improvements; they have.

...Last time, they were extremely friendly. They were just as friendly, if not more, this time around. They were also extremely honest. I noticed the menu had expanded; they added burgers and even fusion pizza. Despite these innovations, when I asked for recommendations, they couldn’t help but glow in pride when saying how important it is to have the beef shawarma all by itself...

...The highlight of our last visit, the sauces, were as bold and vibrant as ever. We didn’t have issues with any of the menu items, but dipping the french fries in hummus and the sauces was a highlight, along with the beef shawarma. Also, the nutella crepe was everything you’d expect it to be. The falafel were different from last time, and I’d say there was an obvious improvement...

... You’d be hard-pressed to find anything close to this in both quality and value, with friendly service on Hollywood Blvd, or at least the tourist part of it. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you should definitely stop by Dubai Sauce. ..." - Hungry & Fit